Making the Most of Instagram: Sharing Full Photos with Meta Business Suite and Doubling Earnings with IPOs

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Hello, Instagram lovers! Today, I’ll guide you through a journey where you can post complete photos on Instagram using Meta Business Suite and also share my story of doubling earnings through IPOs. Let’s explore these exciting opportunities for your social media presence and financial growth.

Step 1: Sharing Uncropped Photos on Instagram with Meta Business Suite

Instagram has always been our favorite platform for visual storytelling, but the struggle with cropping is real. Luckily, Meta Business Suite has a solution! Follow these simple steps:

  1. Get Started:
    Make sure your Instagram account is a business account, easily done in your settings. Log in to the Meta Business Suite website using your Instagram business account credentials.
  2. Head to Content Library:
    Go to the “Content Library” tab on the dashboard, your go-to place for managing media.
  3. Pick Your Image:
    Upload your desired image and click “Open.”
  4. Add Your Touch:
    Write an engaging caption, add relevant hashtags, and tweak posting options.
  5. Adjust Image Placement:
    Click on the image preview and use the handles to resize and reposition without cropping.
  6. Schedule or Publish:
    Once satisfied, schedule your post or hit “Publish” for an immediate share.
Watch below video

Doubling Earnings with IPOs – A Financial Adventure

In this video I have explained About What is IPO, How to invest in IPO? Also How to Earn money through IPO. Is IPO will Double Your Money?

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Investing in Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) has been a financial game-changer for me. Let’s take a quick look at the Tata IPO:

  1. IPO Overview:
    IPOs give you the chance to buy shares at a lower price before a company goes public, potentially doubling your investment.
  2. Tata IPO Spotlight:
    Tata Group’s recent IPO offered a promising investment opportunity. Always research a company’s background, financials, and market potential before investing.

Step 3: Applying for IPOs via Trading Apps

Now, let’s understand how to apply for IPOs using popular trading apps like Groww, Angel One, and Upstox:

  1. Groww:
  • Open the app, go to the IPO section, choose your IPO, and bid for shares.
  • Confirm your bid and proceed to payment.
  1. Angel One:
  • Log in, go to the IPO section, choose your IPO, place your bid, and confirm before making the payment.
  1. Upstox:
  • Launch the app, find the IPO section, pick your IPO, place your bid, and confirm before completing the payment.

Understanding Share Market Trading – A Quick Overview

The share market is where dreams of financial growth come alive. Here’s a snapshot of share market trading:

  • Buying Stocks: Become a partial owner by purchasing shares of a company.
  • Selling Stocks: Profit by selling your shares to other investors.
  • Market Research: Analyze company performance, market trends, and economic factors for informed decisions.


As you explore the world of uncropped Instagram photos and delve into IPO investments, prioritize research, stay informed, and use reliable platforms like Meta Business Suite, Groww, Angel One, or Upstox. Here’s to enhancing your Instagram game and growing your financial portfolio! 🚀📈💸

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