Friends today I will tell how rich person and poor person think in there in life and how they use money in there life. And I will tell you people with a live example . I was leaving a rich area with my uncle there was one small house of a business man so I asked my uncle that why they where not having big house like everyone have he replied that because of him only our area is not completely rich and uncle said that he might be poor and not able to build a big house after few years I left my uncle house and then my uncle call me and said that his house for rent he said me that he is going to rent his house and after some hours he asked me again that is there anyone going to come to there house and I replayed that the my friends can’t afford that mush amount and buy this he replied that he will be providing every facility . And after few days he called me again and said that he would minimize the amount to rent but my friends were not able to afford that much also so . But after few months when I went to my uncle and aunt house I saw that the old house that was the best hose he built it .

Then I started thinking that how he got that much money to rebuild that house then I got it the business man was very intelligent that instead of wasting money in the unwanted things and he had invested the money on he savings by this we can know that if we save it will help us . So for them who us money for unwanted things by this he will not have money to save in for the feature life by this he will be trouble . What the main wrong thing poor people do is of they earn 15000 in a month they buy iPhone and fridge and washing machine in lone and there money is elaborated and then no money for saving but rich people don’t do this kind of mistake.

They use to save the money and they invest in share market and they use less amount they use to buy normal phone and they don’t buy branded items because they know that in brands they don’t want get identified by that just they want use that item and they use it by this they will save money . And if we come to EMI the poor people think if we buy in the EMI we will be getting benefit that they can pay amount monthly monthly but rich people don’t at all buy the any item in EMI because they know they will be paying extra amount to EMI so if they want to buy any thing they wait for the offers and then they will buy it with full cash .

And the next point is buying car we poor people think buying a brand new can will show status but when think in that way our hole year investment will be wasted so rich people think that and they buy 2nd handed car because the price of that car will be less and if they want to buy a brand new car they wait for some years and then they will buy because by this the rate of car launched on the first day will be becoming less when any new brand car come into market . So friend we all be having capable of buying any thing but when we make our channelized way we can also be rich and we should fall back on offers of brand . We should save money in any kind of way . Thank you

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