How to use free internet in jio and airtel | Free internet tricks 2023

How to use free internet in jio and airtel | Free internet tricks 2022.

Off to India we go, we’ve this free internet trick for Techfoe compendiums on the Jio network using the Psiphon VPN app to get an unlimited Internet connection.

As you know, the Psiphon VPN tunneling app can fluently bypass your service provider firewall to give free Internet with unlimited data at no cost. In line with that, you do not need data, airtime, or some kind of Internet subscription for the trick to work.
In our usual way, recommend that you use a SIM card that has zero data and airtime on it to prove to you guys that the trick really works.
This trick does not bear that you use a free Internet host for it to work as it exploits your ISP’s SNI hosts on the same CDN networks providers as that of the Psiphon VPN.

Since the trick is simple and straightforward, we did not see the need to use any Psiphon volition for the trick. We made the settings open for everyone to pierce, harborage to the tunneling apps of their choice, and enjoy free Internet access.

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  1. A Jio India SIM card with zero data and call credit
  2. An Android device, iOS, or PC.
  3. Your Psiphon VPN or the VPN lair app of your choice( Find the link below)
  4. The configuration settings Procedures
  5. Open your Psiphon Pro app
  6. Click on Select garçon region and also elect the” Stylish performance”
  7. Click on Proxy Settings and also do the following
    Connect through an HTTP Proxy Tick
    Custom HTTP heads Ignore this part
    Use system network settings Tick
  8. Now return back, connect and also enjoy free Internet access
    Note This post is for EDUCATIONAL purposes only! You’re responsible for your action and operation of it. Techfoe only drops similar to alert ISPs of their vulnerabilities so that they can fix them.

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