Which laptop should buy in 2019? How to buy a best laptop ?

?which laptop should you buy in 2019?
We all want to buy new laptop for the our usage but we think which laptop to buy in 2019 because many want different kinds of laptop for different usage so let’s divide the usage of laptop in four parts 1] students work 2] professional work 3] heavy users 4] gaming laptop.

So now let’s start with student’s laptop first and foremost point is that for the student they need for using application and doing project so they need quite faster laptop and speed processing laptop for storing lots of storage for the media and the laptop for the under rupees 40000 and this are the things and this are the things casual user and students need for there usage Asus vivo book 15X510UA it is the grate laptop under 40000 but if you have the budget price of less than 30000 I suggest you to buy Lenovo Idea Pad 330-15ARR .and let’s see the professional work laptop users they need for work like for there job and other work so you need high processor and back up from the laptop so I suggest you to buy lenovo 530s it give good look and best phone it price is 57 thousand.

We can us ethos laptop for daily use and the display is 15.6fullhd+ na d 8th gen core with 6gb ram and this comes with the dedicated graphic card and if we increase our price to 70000 RS there is another nice laptop taht is Asus zenbook 15UX533FD-A9094T it is the best smart laptop with very nice finish and it is with nearly no beetle in the screen only spit amount is seen it gives 14hrs backup and 15.3 full hd and with 8 gen core and 6gb ram it is the nice looking premium laptop.these are the laptop for profanation users. Let’s talk about the heavy uses if someone uses 4K editing for their videos and if their editing 4K photos in the laptop under using a I will suggest some laptop for them also is the macbook pro it is the fastest and the speed laptop it can edit sharp needs in it also.the display is too good this laptop can price up to 1,56,990 RS it is the best and the next laptop is dell XPS 15 it is the best laptop also they have full hd display an it has narrow display and this the power full laptop and it also have dedicated graphic card .

And can Handel lot of work at a time. And the next laptop is Asus Zenbook 15UX533FD and it is also best laptop for heavy users also . Na snow let’s talk about the heavy gaming players in laptop I am not a gamer in a laptop but I collect information from some sites that which laptop are good for gaming according to them the great game laptop should have powerful performance and should have great display and should have a great keyboard sensors so let me give some names of the laptop which are useful to gamer has have referred in the first Lenovo iPad it is also best for gaming not in keyboard sensors but the display is good and we can play a games nicely. next laptop is Asus Rog strix this is a gaming laptop and which is is highly faster buy this laptop we can do anything like we can do live stream of any games in YouTube but if you see the price of this laptop are going to be getting very excited because it is at the lowest price of a gaming laptop to all it is off 80000 rupees but as the prize this gaming laptop so good and give the premium look also and with the best sound is also good with this laptop. Is laptop can load a game fast time it takes about Emily seconds to load any game. Storage of this laptop is too good and the processor is to because you can play any high handed games in this laptop.

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