Top 10 Job Interview Questions And Answers

Hello friends we all do job in our life it might be anything and some work in companies but some people don’t get job in the company because they have not performed well in there interviews. So for them I am going to give some questions and answers which most of company ask . So let’s start it. The company ask the first question is


this question is asked to each and every person because the company wants to know how can you describe while answering we must start with our name and then tell the place where you live and tell education in short like MBA or ma or etc don’t elaborate and make them bored . Then if you have job experience you can share and tell them about your family in short.these are the point should be kept in mind while answering .next question is they ask you WHY DO YOU WANT TO WORK AT OUR COMPANY? these questions also asked repeatedly to everyone because they want to know for what reason you want to work There compacter are two points while answering this question 1 tell them what you like in there company and the 2 is relate it to your long term career goals because everyone read to achieve there goal so tell them by working in there company how it will help you to achieve goal.

NEXT QUESTION WHAT ARE YOUR STRENGTH ? Because they want to know how capable they are so while answering we should keep in our that first we should say adaptability and the next is hard working that you want to promise them I am capable of working hard and the nest point is honest that you want to tell you are honest to your work and the next point is flexibility that you want tell that company that you can work any where and at any time .next is optimistic it means that you have a positive attitude that you have positive mind and the next point is fast decision making that tell them that you can take fast decision.and the next question is


Because they want know there weakness they want know that is you weakness will effect there job .so we should answer it properly tell them that you have attitude is that straight forward Ness and the next is impatient and next is more talkative and I cant say no when someone ask help and next point is getting nerves when we talk to strangers and the next point is to speak lie is difficult for me. And the next point is I am bit lazy about which I am not interested.

And the next question they ask is


while answering tell them about your knowledge and work experience because it increase the chance of selection but this point is only for experience person and the next point is skills related to your job and career goal . And the next question they ask in

TELL ME WHAT YOU KNOW ABOUT THIS COMPANY? most of the interview ask this question . So the first point is study about the company details and tell them about their company details what are there activity also do the background work about the new projects and tell the names of Owen and partners . And the next question asked by company is


tell them about the previous organisation and explain what you learn from past job experience and share your reason for job change but this is only for the experienced person then relate to Career Goal . Then they ask what are your salary requirements? Never share your salary requirements for fresher’s for fresher because you people will be not knowing the value in the market only experiences person can share.


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