How to increase concentration scientifically?

Many peoples can’t concentrate in the classes because our mind can’t take more and more information at a stretch for some people and if we think we are getting bored our my stops taking the input so to improve our concentration I am going to tell you about how to make our self concentrated on any subject. Friends to concentrate more we should sleep at least 7 hours per day because sleeping is the most important thing which improves our concentration and if we neglect it we can’t concentrate on anything and it will affect our daily routine. And in foods we should take less carbohydrates and we should consume high protein and fat foods which gives us energy and boost while concentrating because our mind need energy for concentration.and most important thing is to see that from where in which place we are reading like if you are reading in any bus stand obviously our concentration will be less compared to do we are sitting in library or in home readings.

Because whenever the destruction will be less in from environment we can concentrate and we can read easily let me tell about home destruction which causes us not to concentrate on readings is that is there any laptop on our house which we are using when we see it in front of our mind used to say that let’s use it and let me read after an hour our if we see our phone in front of us we think that let us play some games on let’s see some videos and then let me read this what happens means that our concentration on reading will be going on decreasing because when we take any electronic device for our usage we will be not getting the time period what we have plant sitting half an hour it will be extended to 3 hours 4 hours so to concentrate keep all these things aside and just start reading and think only about the subject which you are going to read by this what happens your concentration will not run anywhere you can concentrate easily and write or read anything and this concentrated subject will be remembered forever main thing is that when you are reading to some places where you are going to eat daily don’t change it again and again like if you are reading in your house just start in your house and the next day don’t do if you are reading in house and next day you are going for a bus station to be your going for next day to metro station we can’t concentrate because by doing this we can’t you can’t concentrate. Because choice of studying in a place is the most important thing.


An export you should keep in your mind is not should have a goal at what you want to achieve in your life so walk through that way by reading and concentrating by this your consideration will be getting more and you can score high marks in exams also.while reading to read for 25 minutes and take a break for 5 minutes that do some activities like walking are drinking water in the time because your mind get free and there will be some spaces to to read in next 25 minutes also. Make a timetable that when you are going to read and also keep our time for playing also because it gives some relief to your body and mind.

Write in a book that you want to to read for that reasons like exam coming and it helps to reach your goal by reading and it also gives more benefit to us to interact with anyone also and the people who read more can interact with anyone also. Practice that if you are. And your thinking that I don’t want to read today then think that if I read I will buy a new chocolate are any something like this you are mine gets excited and it can concentrate well practice this.friends while reading keep your mobile phone switched off laptop off and every electronic item in your house should be not even a TV should be on because this will distract you each and every time while you are reading will be telling let me watch some movies and let me some games for few times but whatever you have read in such kind of mind will be not in your concentration.

If you people are reading or internet browsing and taking information don’t think about anything that movies just concentrate on that what concept you are going to browse and use it and try to grab more and more information from that buy this you can concentrate well and you become very intelligent person in the world all person will be intelligent but they will be not knowing that and some people want it do any like in table way or in statics way is there do that in that way I am definitely sure that they will be going to top there classes. So try to read more and more times without any disturbance near you while you are reading room close the door and take some glass of water in front of you and keep everything what you need for reading a writing don’t get up up teacher and every time because why this you lose concentration keep everything pen book textbooks notebooks everything near you why I said keep glass of water near you because while reading our throat feels and then it we drink some water.

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