hello friends we all want become topper classes. But because of some reason we can’t become do you know why we will be having lack of concentration and memory issue due to that he can’t score well in exams and can’t be a topper so today I am going to give some tips and tricks to how to improve the concentration and memory.

And this is also helpful for each and every person.Friends in our mind there are three parts does the word into conscious subconscious and unconscious mind. For this the data speed provided by hand by eyes and by nose and by feel. Now let’s know why data interesting to over might and what is the help of it and how it will enter. For example then we are going to school college market office think in front of you how many vehicles and how many we people have came and gone can we remember them and can we remember the car colors and which car which company. The answer is no. Because our conscience mind as not register in subconscious mind why because they are not important thing for our mind the conscious mind will decide that is it important in your in our life if it important only it will take and it will take be unusual pictures of any person or any object which we see. For example if we see any person with of body full of tattoos it will be registered in subconscious mind and it will be remembered forever and for example we see the car running with two wheels it will be remember for ever. If we see the car going in water it will be registered on subconscious mind and it will be remembered forever and ever because these things are unusual to us.

This means the unusual things make a place in an subconscious mind and whenever it is needed it will be pass to conscious mind. So if you want to remember anything just give a name and edit it in your mind as an object and it will be remembered forever but that picture should be unusual then only it will be released on subconscious mind. For an example a teacher enters a class students all are talking and shouting so has the students to spell association but some children’s handset properly and but some children didn’t answer properly show the teacher given example that think a donkey is standing on a donkey and I am standing on a donkey and whole nation is turning on me bearing this all the children started laughing that the teacher said. The donkey means ass+ass+I+nation. Children’s happy and they remember the word association if we ask any person which is the good and bad day of your life all the person said for good day was that when got a appreciation and reward for there work . and the bad day is that they have got scoldings in front of everyone .

And this will be registered in your mind permanently.and. The next thing is that a passionate goal statement .in this you can convert is accidental pattern of thinking to structured pattern of thinking.this structural is that when ever you people get to hold down to goal statement.and enter it in conscious mind then it see the data if it is important it take and remove unwanted data so friends this was some important things to improve attention and memory thank you.

If you follow this in your life and you can become topper also and mind concentration will be under your control so friends take this as a successor and it in your life

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