How Genius People thinks to become successful in their life ?

Hello friends we all need to be successful person and I want to be successful person in our life but many people will not become successful person in their life but with in their surroundings anyone people will be e successful in his life do we know why? We don’t know but now I will give an example of some person over truly Poor under childhood and now they are. We all might have heard about Tony Robbins that is a person and successful person but when he was in childhood their family was Poor that their financial condition is not good and they were not getting proper for buying food also and once there was a festival name called happy Thanksgiving day a day all used to celebrate but in 20 hours they were not having amount to celebrate so the discussion was going on in their family on that day suddenly a bell rang on tones house stranger was standing in front of Tony and he had a bag full of food in it give to Toni and saying thanks to him he went. By seeing this large impact was applied on Tony that stranger can also be good and started thinking that I will become the person one day and I will also help others and he proved that now but one thing we also don’t do that is she was keeping that mind every time that you should become the person and he had a specific goal that to achieve for his life to become Tum a successful person in his life. Many people think that to become we should do bad but the truth is being is good good to our self and for others also by helping others we can we reach to improve our country also. All normal people dreams that you want to become person and to achieve respect but in hundred percent 99% of people can’t achieve their goals because 1% will achieve but why mini are not achieving it because it is not that you are also going to the school which I had also studied. They become because they do things in an “certain way”and many normal peoples don’t do this. The people’s certain way will be of two categories that’s divided and see fastest thinking in a certain way and the second is certain way of acting. Now let me explain about first the certain way of thinking. Today tuber is the biggest company its service 58 countries and their income is more than 60 billions.

This amazing result get by is that the founder of the Uber didn’t thought about giving a competition with others he thought about inspiration office creative mind so so it become the biggest servicing centre nowadays. To bring up uber the person doesn’t want to be smart and intelligent only I want the creative mind so the the founder of Uber had that is successful now. And before the Uber also the driver used to to run taxis and the customer use to use it but no company have thought that without the the arrival of taxi in time what are the customers facing problems .


Was saying this all problems he created uber that a customer can easily call the driver near my house and driver can pick them them to wear person want to be going this the customers are also getting benefit and drivers also. In the world we can earn money in thousands of way. To do that we should do the first thing is that we should change our mind from competitive to creative mind in our childhood parents teach that to compete with others while scoring marks and in any events or in sports. So if you leave the competitive mind and if you focus on creative mind which will make us easily and we can earn good earnings also. And the next point is mental image. In this principle in our mind we should create a crystal clear image because most of the failure person have failed to become because in their mind they will be not having it clear goal they will be having a unclear goal that is they don’t know what they want in their life and how to get it and why they want to get it and how to make it possible.

So to become each and every time think about your goal and make some plans and how to reach your goal to maintain this write in a point is use value thing that I have a nice painting and I want to sell it if I sell it in outside of town I will get at least of 10000 rupees so so I went to you and Iceland and I am selling it for an Eskimo person with my all skills I have sell edit for a person. But think is it a right way the painting is no need for a person of Eskimo instead of giving paintings to him if I sell a gun to Eskimo person it will be very useful for him and me also it makes me profit and for him he can use it for hunting by that hunting he gets food and Fur for protection of his body’s . It would have added a value in his life. When we learn this doing such kind of action you can become person. And the second example is thing that I want to go for Mumbai to Delhi as fast as possible so to reach if I just sit and think whole day about I want to go to Delhi as fast as possible but because of thinking I can’t go to Delhi so if I want to go so to do that I want to do some kind of action like OK I should thing I want to go with a taxi airplane are on on going by walking. The simple things is the most important to become . Many peoples read and watch a good videos and they do plan also but they won’t execute to others so what happens means that it is dreams will not going to be full filled and I can’t it achieve its goal. So then he thinks the being positive is no use.

According to me e it’s too easy talk but to achieve we should work hard then only we will be getting the result. So think no action no money. This was the small tips and tricks that how to become and successful in your life so adopt these things in your life. Thank you

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