How to become Rich Easily

Friends who doesn’t want to become rich in this world? We all want to become rich but how we don’t know but now I will tell the tips and tricks to become rich so many people think that this is a scam but if you use this tips in your life you will see the change your life.

Whenever a child is born after few years that changed things that he or she want to become richest person in the world who want luxurious car and Bungalows. But when the children get grown up after processing school college and when we start up a job aura company he will be getting to know the reality of the life and his dreams become smaller each and every day I think that it is too late I can’t make my dream. The child thought about who want to be richest person as a grown up he says that earning money is too hard.

The person who things want to big Bungalows but now it things let’s have some small house in Big Bungalows all the people in the house get bored and also things it doesn’t want to get married about their status girl because lots of money will be wasted on her only. Actually it is not thinking it is years experience because I can’t face it can’t give up his attitude on mind thinking also because is dream didn’t become through you so so I think like that it. And some people says money is not important to our life and just want to be happy but in reality also in his childhood thought the same dream that he want to become richest person in the world. But now I will give some tips that how to become rich only few follow will be successful. Many people only thing that let me become rich and an lot of money but they don’t have practical figures.

Only think that I want to be rich but don’t know how much for some people 1 lakh is also a big amount and for some 100000000 is also not a big amount and all thing that I want to become rich faster but when within one week one month or Indian one year. so if I want to become enrich first set a figure in mind that how much you want to earn and until when and when should I get that amount so you remember all that write in a book OK that I want to have that much of money with in that date. Because whenever we write anything it will be set aside target in mind. And also follow the one more step that means with our work do something extra like OK in gym there is two men and in the next day but an another person do push ups only 2 in a day but and in next day hi do 3 push ups and the person who works hard will be the winner daily we should do something extra in our field and in another example in USA Walmart company was the world’s number one exporters seeing them a person in China named Jack ma I thought why not China product reach the world visa the dream and told the dream to the community people and show the dream to the people that he wanted to sell the product of China to the whole world and then he created a but now it is the world’s number one exporters and then there turnover is hi we all think about more saving instead of earning I am not telling saving is not good saving is good but before that Earn Well instead of saving 10 rupees it is better to earn 1000 rupees and save 200 rupees so think high. In all teenage we will be having a big goal so the start taking advice from the people but they say don’t do that that doesn’t have any scope and there will be more risk in that but just remind once think from whom you have taken the advice they are already poor but your thought is big so take advice from my mentor who can give you perfect advice there will be e in your books and you can get their biography are there interviews then think is it good to get into that field and enteric. And one thing why we won’t get rich is that our stupidity because think OK we are going in a road and we see the Adidas showroom which has 50%off machine that we get excited then we go to the shop and buy shoes jackets and excreta.

But think what we buy was not required and our money is blocked and got wasted which can be invested in savings. So if you want to buy any shirt just see the offer on the day on shirts and then bye and the next step to the saving to invest and not to save. What we do is we all save the money but we don’t take that money and invest if we invest that money in any kind of mutual funds RD and FD will be getting benefits from that also. Friends this was the tips that you can adopt in your life and see the changes Thank you.


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